Friday, January 21, 2011

Two tone 550 paracord dog leash and collar

I will be posting some new pictures of the awesome
Two tone paracord dog leash and collar that we made for another LE K9. They really came out nice looking. You can place orders at for your dogs needs. If you ever have questions on anything just email us at We will try our best to answer you questions. Thanks for checking us out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vietnam War Ribbon Colors in 550 paracord

Vietnam War Ribbon Colors in 550 paracord

We have made this color pattern for the Vietnam Vets and the supports of those who gave all.

Vietnam ribbon colors in a survival bracelets.
We can use this color pattern in what ever you like to have made. If there is something special you want just email us.
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New 550 Paracord Colors

New 550 Paracord Colors
We got a few new 550 paracord colors in. They are PURPLE CAMO, NEON GREEN, NEON PINK and a color called RANDOM. the color random is a mixture of all the left over thread material. They combine them together to come up with a new combination, this 550 cord is more on the girly side of the color wheel.

The color below is new "RANDOM"

The color below is the New "NEON PINK"

The color below is the New "NEON GREEN"
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In the below picture on the far left and far right is the NEW PURPLE CAMO on
the outside edge.
We have survival bracelets, germ grenades, neck lanyards, knife lanyards, monkey fists and more.
If you can't find what you are looking for just send us an email, and we will try our best to make what ever it is you are looking for. We enjoy doing custom, one-off items.