Friday, January 13, 2012

Dog collar

Here are a few pics of a working dog with our dog collar! Looks awesome!

Gun show table

Here is another picture of our table at the gun show a few months. As you can see we have a few products on our table that we don't offer on our web site, but if you see something u want like the milspec monkey patches just email us at:
or goto our site at:

Gun show table

Here is a picture of our table at the gun show a few months ago. You can order from:

Dog collar

Here is a pic of part of a two tone dog collar we made for a customer. Visit us at


i just wanted to fill you in on what is going on with our web site. This year we will be changing things up a little bit on our web site to try to make it more user friendly and informative. We have been maintaining it ourselves and because of our in house lack of ability our site just well stinks in our opinion. We have a few products that we sell that are not even listed on our site and we obviously want to post those items. So we have joined up with a company that is gonna be tighting things up for us and you ofcourse. But for now you can goto PARACORDDESIGNS.COM and place an order. I am sure it will be a seemless change over for all. So if you have not visited our site please due.



New Year, New ideas !

Everyone here at Paracord Designs LLC, hopes you all had a great holiday season and New Year's. We had a very busy holiday season trying to get orders out for Christmas and we a definately not complaining about that. We know the reason for our success in this past year is due to our customer service and most of all our pricing. We want to sell our products and then get referals from you. We have decided to try our best to keep our prices the same. Hopefully this decision will not be affected by our suppliers raising their prices on us.