Wednesday, September 29, 2010

king cobra vs. cobra survival bracelet

King Cobra vs. Cobra
weave pattern on the survival bracelet

I have had a few inquiries about the difference between the two patterns and sizes.
So i thought i would post a pic of the two side by side to give you an idea. They will have the plastic buckles that are slightly curved, the small bracelet will have a smaller buckle, we do not use the same size buckle.
The larger King Cobra allows you to carry alot more cord with you. They are definately practical for the times that you are going out for a hike, camping or some activity that you could need some line. For example a nine inch bracelet could have roughly ten feet of cord and a King Cobra would have over twenty feet.
Average Men sizes are 8 to 9 inches for wrist size
Average Women sizes are 7 to 8 inches for wrist size
Average Kids sizes are 6 to 7 inches for wrist size
Of course you need to measure your own wrist to verify the size.

Regular Cobra weave: $10.00
Large King Cobra weave: $15.00
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