Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Traffic Leash, Dog Collar, Chest Leash

Heavy Duty Dog Equipment
These items were made for the working dogs out there.
If you have a tuff dog your going to need a tuff collar. The traffic leash was made to clip to a Duty belt or your belt loop, that way you have a short control leash that's not taking up a lot of room on your persons. The longer leash as well as the traffic leash has the handle woven into the snap ring at the other using once continuous piece of 550 mil-spec para cord. We feel that this design will eliminate the chance of the handle stitching coming apart, which is used on most common leashes. We have added a solid brass ring in the handle so you can wear the leash around your chest when not in use. The collar has a metal closure to add to it's strength. These items were made to one individuals needs and desires. We will be happy to come up with a different design or length to fit your needs. Every dog handler and dog is different in size and dimension, we love the fact that we can customize this equipment to fit you and your dog. You can buy a dog leash and collar just about anywhere, but to have one made specific to your size, height and job needs is another story.

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