Friday, February 18, 2011

550 Paracord custom work

          We had a great two days at the South Florida Fairgrounds Gun and Knife Sport Show in Febuary. The turn-out to the event was awesome and we were extremely busy for two days. I was able to take a few pictures of some of the custom items. One of the items was the RMJ tomahawk that the soldiers overseas are using. This tool(weapon) is not issued by the Federal Government but it is purchased by the individual soldier themselves. I must say that, i have wrapped the handles of  many different tomahawks and this one stands out all by itself. If you have the time to research this weapon you will be impressed as i was. They are not cheap by any means but when you have a couple of hawks in front of you to handle, you can feel the difference between them. I do not own one myself, but this would be the one for me. I am definately going to take more pics in the future of the one-off items that we do. You can order your 550 paracord gear at .

Pictured Below is the RMJ wrapped in Desert Camo!!

Pictured below is the RMJ. notice how they come with their own serial number.

Pictured below is a close-up of the handle wrap.

Pictured below is a Cold Steel Tomahawk wraped in Desert camo with a monkey fist half hitched through the end of the handle.

Pictured below is a small tactical light that has about three inches of the body wrapped and a wrist lanyard.

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