Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paracord Dog Collar and Leash made for Law Enforcement K9

        Here are some pictures of our customers with his working K9. The dog has on his new paracord dog collar and the dog handler has a paracord dog leash that was custom fit to wear around his waist for quick deployment if and when needed. The colors are OD Green and Black to match the uniform colors. But we can make them in any single or two colors you like.

Pictured below is the Officer with the Paracord leash, that he keeps around his waist

Pictured below is the K9 doing a training demo search for a weapon which was jammed in the palm tree about waist high. You can see it in the picture, if you can find it.

Pictured below is the K9 finding the Weapon that was struck in the tree for the training demo.

Pictured below is the K9 with his reward for his good find!! You can also see the black metal D-ring we use on the collars.

Pictured below is the K9 and his new 550 Paracord collar with a black metal buckle. It also comes with a black metal D-ring.
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