Friday, February 11, 2011

Hand Sanitizers " Grem Grenades"

Just wanted to show a few more pics of our germ grenades that have been selling good. Our customers seem to be going for the smaller half once bottles rather than the larger ones. We can make them in any color that we offer. We add a carabiner clip to it so it is an extremely easy on and off movement. These are a must have for kids at school to hook to their back pack, the mom and dad who is out and about, the parent who's child has to touch everthing and the officer in the field who is doing searches on the not so clean looking.
  We have added a piece of paracord to the germ grenade because I have found that to very useful to attaching it to alot of different items. an example would be your stroller handle, your childs back pack, hanging it from your rear view mirror in your car or just about anywhere that your carabiner isn,t big enough to clip to.
  I take mine from my car to my wife car because my son is two and has to touch EVERYTHING. The funny thing is that because we have always used it, that when he notices his hands are sticky or dirty he says, " hand, hand, clean hand". I have added a few more pictures so you can see some different colors.

Pictured below is a few different colors.
From left to right is: OD Green, Coyote, Pink, Bright Orange, Desert Camo, Black and Coloniel Blue

Pictured below is a close up of the carabiner with our logo
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